Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trio World School Headmaster

Message from the Headmaster

TWS is here to cater to the fast growing multinational community in Bangalore which is the Silicon Valley of India. We have a diverse group of students and a healthy mixture of Indian and Western faculty who possess a global perspective. Our main investment is in our human resources for the professional development of our staff and they in turn see themselves as part of the world-wide educational community. We promote tolerance, mutual respect and international-mindedness. It is our commitment to mould children to be open to thinking globally and be prepared for life anywhere in the world and to achieve their goals. We believe that self-discipline is more sustainable than imposed discipline and hence there is no authoritarianism in our school.

In our scheme of things we promote high standards of achievement and provide space for our students to flourish. Our students learn the British National Curriculum till Year 9, and IGCSE thereafter. Through our professional links with the world, we facilitate international transfers to the schools in other countries. As we are here to serve a global community, our aim is to assist internationally-mobile families in making a smooth transfer to any school system or graduate to universities world-wide.

We are a not-for-profit school and financial surpluses, if any, are reinvested in the development of TWS. Every stakeholder has a right to express his/her views and we all shoulder the responsibility in creating a school that meets the needs of every student. My optimism about the future of TWS comes from the positive parental involvement, student achievements, especially in the co-curricular and extracurricular domains and strong Management support. The education system at TWS is transforming itself to better prepare our students to be global citizens. At the same time we are cautious of today's challenges where the young minds are distracted to undesirable behavior patterns due to forces of circumstances and the digital world. As parents and teachers, it is our commitment to adopt ways and means to channelise the talents and energy of our students into creative community development.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trio World School Spring Fest and Art Exhibition

“Spring has sprung, the grass has ris” (Anon), “we all know where Trio World School is”
This seemed like an excellent way to start to speak of the Trio World School Spring Fest and Primary Art Exhibition.  This was an event attended by many of the parents of the school and it proved unequivocally that our parents do know where we are and that their enthusiastic response supported our belief that they are happy to be here, to be part of our renaissance, our “spring”.
 One day in spring, a woman came
In my lonely woods,
In the lovely form of the Beloved.
Came, to give to my songs, melodies,
To give to my dreams, sweetness.
Suddenly a wild wave
Broke over my heart's shores
And drowned all language.

With these words Rabindranath Tagore evoked spring in his poem “One Day in Spring” and for Trio World School Spring Fest 2012 was the “Came, to give to my songs, melodies. To give to my dreams, sweetness.”  Spring is the new beginning, a time of growth, freshness and joy and this was so evident on the faces of our Primary School children and within the audience.
The sounds of laughter and singing, the happy smiling faces brought enthusiastic responses from all.
With Ugadi  also being celebrated around this time and meaning “the beginning of a new age” this also seemed a fitting celebration, a celebration of song, dance and art, the epitome of India and of the creative nature that lies within Trio World School.

The hour long concert and exhibition of art and sculpture is a credit to the school’s Primary Music and Art departments and is a chance for them to showcase the many budding talents of our children.
By the end “spring had definitely sprung’ and the level of joy and happiness had “ris”

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trio World School Receives Best Up-Coming International School Award in Bangalore

Trio World School (TWS) is the recipient of the Education Excellence Award as the Best Up-Coming International School in Bangalore. TWS Headmaster said, “this is recognition for all the hard work from our staff, students, our incredibly supportive parents and local community who have sustained and encouraged TWS over the last twelve month”. “We are very proud of our school and look forward to another exciting year”.

TWS is a british international school with students from over 28 countries, and a growing reputation for excellence. Trio has recently announced the building of a state of the art gymnasium and climbing wall, which is a fulfillment of their intention to move the school always forward.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Headmaster for a Day – Charlie Moran runs Trio World School

To the sound of excited students, this morning’s assembly was introduced to Charlie Moran, winner of Trio World School’s Headmaster for the Day Competition.  He had just arrived in style, delivered by the Headmaster’s driver; Charlie dressed for business announced that the day would have some changes.

Firstly the afternoon programme would include a free period after lunch and pizza for afternoon snack break.  After having all of the students sing the school song he ended the Assembly by wishing all a great day.

He then retired to his office, appointed a deputy and started to be “Headmasterly”, a large part of his day was spent dealing with conduct issues all caused by a single student, young Headmaster, who until recently had been the Headmaster.

Young Headmaster looked suitably sheepish when being told off by Headmaster Charlie and I am sure that the lessons delivered will prove to be salutary for Headmaster as he matures.
As the day wore on Headmaster Charlie signed papers, read reports and met with members of staff, he agreed at the end of the day that the job of Headmaster was a lot more challenging than he had expected.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

20 things your kids must do before they grow up

1. Play

Find ways to play and imagine every day, even if you have no toys to play with. Know that a stick can become a magic wand when needed. But if you do get new toys, learn to read the instructions before putting them together (even if you don't follow the directions.)

2. Pursue happiness

Don't worry about your future and don't criticize yourself for things you have or haven't done. Your choices are half chance and so is everyone else's. To combat worrying, try and do one thing every day that scares you. Whether it's climbing a tree, standing up for your-self or jumping in the deep end at the swimming pool. Remember what other people think of you is not who you are. Dream, but don't daydream too often.

3. Gain confidence

Try everything once. Keep calm even when everyone else is losing their head and blaming the problem on you. Learn to trust yourself, even when everyone else doubts your abilities, but also listen to their doubts. Get to know all your strength and weaknesses. Test all of your weakness until they are strengths. Keep a journal of your young life and take up hobbies that will help you grow as a person.

4. Sing and dance

Even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own home or the shower. If you can't sing or dance, learn to play an instrument and if that doesn't work learn another - eventually you might get lucky. Last resort, is learn to whistle.

5. Take your time

Wait but try hard not to get tired of waiting. Watch a sun set and a sun rise and spend some quality time trying to get to know your-self. On journeys, take a book but break for conversation. Know that if it is worth while it will take time. Martial Arts or jigsaws should teach you some kind of self-control.

6. Keep up your Schooling

Work hard to bridge the gaps in education, because the older you get, the more difficult it is to relearn what you have forgotten from when you were young. Read the classics, they will help you understand life's twists and turns. Explore your artistic side, even if you have no talent whatsoever.

7. Learn to Stand

Hold on even when there seems to be nothing left, you never know what's just around the corner or over the next hill. Learn that you should never be treated as anything less than you deserve. Take risks but don't say a word about what you have won or lost and start again if you have to. Play cards and darts but don't waste your money on betting it's a fool's game.

8. Pay attention

Especially when playing Frisbee in the park or flying a kite. Get to know your parents and teachers. Listen to what they have to say. (Even if you don't always take notice of them.) Parents and teachers are an excellent resource to know how it all went wrong! Nonetheless respect your elders.

9. Look good

But don't look too good. All children should enjoy the influence and beauty of their youth. Trust me if you're under 18 you look fabulous and have lots of potential. However don't mess too much with your hair or by the time you are 18, you will look 80. Fashion is for the young, if you don't shock your folks with your outfit at least once before your 18 then you're not trying hard enough.

10. Smile

Brush your teeth, floss and get plenty of calcium while you're still growing. - believe me you'll miss your teeth when they're gone!

11. Romance

Keep yourself and your virtue. There are many things to fall in love with, music, swimming or sleeping in late on a Sunday morning. But try not to fall in love with things that are bad for you. By all means fall in love with people but don't put up with people who are irresponsible with your young heart. It's wiser to surround yourself with people who love you, will care for you and protect you when you need their support and guidance.

12. Employment

When you're old enough, get a part time job. Don't feel too guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your whole life when you are 16. The most interesting people I know still don't know what they want to do with their lives and they are in their 60s.

13. Rainy days

Don't expect anyone else to support you after you become an adult. Maybe you marry money or have generous parents, but you never know what might happen in the future. Start young and save money for times when you need to access some personal funds. It is tempting to depend on others financially, but before you experience independence, you must be independent.

14. Run the race

Your whole life is about finding out about who you are, and who you want to be. Don't waste your time on jealousy with what other children have. The popular rich kids you know when you are young don't always turn out to be popular or rich adults. The race of life is long and winding but in the end it's only with your-self. Do what you feel is right. Fill every second you can with joy, for adulthood is not always so pleasurable.

15. Be Kind

To yourself, animals and be nice to your siblings: your brothers and sisters are your best link you have to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future. Eat in moderation, get plenty of exercise and don't kill too many insects.

16. Tell the truth

Be careful about what you say and whose advice you take. However, be patient with those who supply you with advice. Know that advice is a form of nostalgia and that most people paint over the ugly parts before they feed it to you. Don't paint over your ugly parts; you and your history are what make the person you are. However remember it's not what you do it's what you choose not to do that makes you the person you are.

17. Be smart

Wash your hands. Wait but don't wait too long. Watch adults cook and help where you can. Don't tell lies and don't hate. Know that prices will rise, people will fail you and you too will get old; and when you do, you'll fantasize that when you were young, prices were reasonable, people were accountable, and children did what they were told. Do what you are told and obey the law.

18. Have friends

Become skilled at finding out who your true friends are but understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Boys get someone you trust to teach you to shave. Girls get someone you trust to teach you to manage your hair. Discover that no one is perfect. Remember the only person who will always truly be with you is you.

19. Accommodation

Know that home is where your heart is. But you should also live in a city once, but leave before it makes you hard and live in the countryside once, but leave before it makes you soft. Wherever you live know that everyone have to overcome obstacles and that where you live as a child doesn't have to be where you will always live.

20. Take a trip
The Earth has much to offer, but still reach for the stars. Remember your childhood is short, but in the end, it's your childhood. Learn to roller-skate, ride a bike, drive a car, take a train and fly someplace once in a while. Sometimes it will be a triumph and sometimes a total disaster. But trust me travel!

Headmaster (Trio World School)
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Monday, April 18, 2011

How We Can help Our Children Learn?

As the Headmaster of Trio World School in Bangalore, possibly the best school in India! Every once in a while parents will ask me what educational games they should buy their children to help them with learning at school, so in answer to this I thought I would just jot down a few points.
Experience has shown that no matter however much you pay for a book or game, the cost or product is not as important as the quality of the time you as an adult spend with your child, playing, reading, imagining with them and above all listening to them.
However please note that they can tell if you are giving all your attention to them or whether your mind is really concerned with something else.  So when time is limited, make the education period shorter if you need to, but commit yourself 100% to your child for that space of time.

Everyone knows that a good education is vital to give children a positive start with the competition they'll face in today's job market.  For everything you do, you need to be able to have a reasonable education, whether it be as simple as reading a newspaper, logging on to a computer, navigating with a map, drawing a diagram, filling out a medical form or even just making polite conversation!   If your child’s educational ability is poor, you are very likely to find them being hindered in many areas of their life.
No good parent would willingly handicap their children’s future, but many parents don't understand how easy it can be to help children gain knowledge by getting them started when they are at a very young age.  There are many different ways available for parents to peak the interest of their young children, one way to foster creativity is with bright colours, books or simply pictures featuring objects or animals familiar to the youngster that include a name.  This will help create a real interest in study by giving them a connection with learning.
A great yet simple way to start is to read any books or tell a real or imaginary story from when you were a child, especially your own favourites.  These will help you with adding emotion, do not be afraid to create different voices in the stories you tell.  A good resource is to ask friends and family for ideas about what their child liked best.
Your child’s teacher can also give suggestions for areas of learning that have good age appropriate value.  If you have access, another good place to look is on the internet as there are many websites with suggestions of learning activities which you can do with your children.
Many parents just buy toys and books for their children but fail to use them with the child, playing with your children is important and even if funds are tight and toys and books are not on the priority list, you can use a scrap of paper with a made up dot-to-dot or use your imagination to create and stimulate your kids.  Try games like ‘I Spy’ or finding objects beginning with a particular colour, shape or substance. 
Another good idea is to ask family and friends whose children have grown whether they'd be willing to part with any of their children's toys and books.  These are some ideas to give you a start; you're bound to think of more learning games to play with your children.  When you do share them with your friends and family with kids, every connection made here stimulates others.
Remember children learn through play so the more quality play time you spend with your young child, the more interested in education they'll become and want to learn by themselves.  This is just what you want as the more they learn through play, the better they'll become at educating themselves later on in life.  Make learning fun and not a chore; always make a game of it, even to the point they don’t know that they are learning, and when you think they might be ready, challenge them to try something harder, but don’t be disheartened if they fail.  Ask them easy questions about a story which you have created to see if they understood what it was about.
You will notice my recommendations aren’t costly in anything other than your time and they don't have to take long, but they are better when they are done often, as this helps to form a real education habit in your youngster.
Learning with your child improves their confidence which is something that can be held above academics.  When you take the time to play a learning game or read or recount a story it will enhance vocabulary and language skills and enabling the child to express themselves better.
In a nutshell, the best learning gift you can give to help your child learn a sense of responsibility and accountability for what they choose to do, to develop their critical thinking and problem solving abilities is simply to spend some quality time with them.

Trio World School (Headmaster)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Trio World School Environmental Fair

Trio World School (TWS) is organising an Environmental Fair on April 14th 2011.

The event is sponsored by Yakult, world’s No 1 pro biotic drink, selling in 32 countries globally. We have chosen to hold this event at TWS in order to communicate that our school and wider community would benefit from a raising of the level of environmental awareness in this rapidly changing world.

Some of the planned activities will include:
  • Making nature crafts using objects that would have otherwise been thrown away;

    Supporting local growers and producers of food and products in order to let people of the community know what eco-friendly products are available at the local level;
  • Encouraging children to recycle their old toys and games through a Yard Sale.
  • In addition to this we plan to provide a platform to a wide range of NGOs and organisations that share the same passion and want to educate the public on environmental issues. 
  • We feel that the support of these groups will assist us significantly in our commitment to educate. 
There is no cost to the participants who will be provided with space and furniture to set up their booth. 
Please join us to make this a special event and spark off a new way of thinking and living.