Sunday, March 8, 2015

Is your child stressed out because of his school or you?

Let's take a look at our children today. We parents strongly believe that we are giving them the best of everything and training them to be the best version of themselves, but, let's think again. Are we?? Really??

Gone are the days when coming home after school meant going out and playing until we were forced to come in because it was late. School meant meeting friends and planning the next evening of fun. It was hoping that the teacher is absent, it was looking forward to free periods and turning in our home work at the nth moment.

Our parents advised and lectured us, but little did we listen. Well, some did and it anyway paid off for all in the long run. We were never pressurized into doing activities or nailed under the expectations of fueling someone else's dream. Unfortunately, how many children can agree to this today? They are sent to innumerable activities after school, and enrolled in classes they do not wish to attend. Every parent now wants their child to excel in every field. Every parent wants their child to do what they were unable to. Every parent is hoping to fulfil their

dreams through their child. Is that fair? We adults cannot manage to work a nine-hour shift, then get home and do the household chores, cater to everyone's needs and go to bed at night without complaining. Yet, our children spend the whole day at school, which by no means is easy with the extensive competition, extra and co-curricular activities, additional assessments, and peer pressure, and come home before going for tuitions, extra classes and co-ordinated activities after which they have a lot of homework to finish before retiring to bed. And somehow, we still assume that they have a carefree and less stressful life.

We often take the liberty to say that children are doing a lot in school and, yes, they are. All schools cater to a child's holistic development. They nurture the child and help develop all possible skills exposing him to innumerable activities and opportunities to learn. Why, then, do parents insist on their child having the edge over other children??

Yes, children are made to put in their best efforts and invest their time in school, where they are challenged to work to their best ability, and therefore need to relax once they get home.

So, keeping in mind the child's needs, abilities and interests, both parents and teachers must cater to what's best for a child to grow while being nurtured and less stressed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Safety at Trio World School

Adhering to the highest standards that any international school must mandatory impart, TRIO makes utterly sure that the school becomes a haven for its pupils. The security here is impeccably the best with over 60 CCTV digital cameras installed at various places insides the school. We even have CCTV and GPRS in our buses by which our pupils commute. These buses have seat belts, fire extinguishers for 100% safety commuting. Speed Governors and First aids boxes are an appendage.

Before making any kind of recruitment, TRIO ensures that every teaching and non-teaching candidate goes through Criminal Background Verification Check.

The school premises is built upon keeping in mind that no safety measure remains untouched and the students spend their time unscathed. For ensuring this, all classroom doors have disabled locks from the inside; one can clearly see through glass of each classroom doors for visibility and the unused rooms are locked permanently. Every classroom has a smoke detector and a fire alarm installed. We make it a point that students get their learning within carefree and safe class rooms.

All staff and support staff are on company role they are to follow company disciplinary policies. They have to mandatorily adhere to the written or implied regulations that school enlists for them.

TRIO implements child protection policy and complaint redressed provisions. This gives a guarantee that every child is within full safety ambit. Students are not allowed to access to mobile phones during their school hours. Moreover, Internet and Wi-Fi are firewalled so that there remains no media and personal mails access for misuse. This leaves no ground for negligence at any cost.

At every quarter, mock fire alarm drill is conducted in the school to make every one learn to take safety measure at the time of panic or danger. In case, if there is still any accident that takes place in the campus, we assure that the staff and the students get comprehensive accidental cover to the utmost extent.

Some accidental cases owe their transpiration to psychological ratiocinates. We therefore facilitate to have for our school, a psychological counselor for time-to-time counseling given at the time of need. TRIO owes to unmatched safety standards that any international institution is bound to have.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trio World School, Entrepreneurship and Children

Entrepreneurship and children.jpg
Trio World School, Bangalore, believes in grooming our students to be proactive and compassionate contributors to the society. An entrepreneurial mindset is one asset that students can be encouraged to cultivate. At Trio, we believe it is our responsibility as an international school to impart globally relevant skills that can transform communities.

What is Entrepreneurship?

One might feel that the term entrepreneurship is overused by the media. But in a broader sense, it is a way of approach to life that indentifies needs or problems and utilizes resources in the best possible way, to benefit all the people involved.

The benefits of starting early

The CEO of Zappos, online shoe and clothing store, Tony Hseih, ran a business of making custom buttons when he was 12 years old.
As we grow older, our imagination tends to be less broad & unrestrained. Children on the other hand, are energetic, creative and adventurous. They have immense potential to become problem solvers.

New technologies continue to make our lives simpler and more enjoyable. Some of these are the result of such bold ventures. Despite these, the society still faces problems that affect the health and livelihoods of its people.
What we can do to help students

Students must not just be taught the practical skills behind entrepreneurship. Values like discipline, hard work, compassion, honesty, courage and persistence can be inculcated in them. Skills like brainstorming, goal setting, planning and team work need to be boosted.

One needs to teach them that there are many ways to approach a problem. By teaching kids that making mistakes while learning is really the best way to grow, we are bolstering their ability to be innovative at solving problems. They must be encouraged to pick challenging problems and tackle them with enthusiasm.

Profits and monetary benefits are only one aspect of succeeding as an entrepreneur. Focusing solely on these gains might be a detriment to their personal growth and can thwart great ideas. When we contribute to the prosperity of a community, it cannot but take us to new heights.