Friday, October 29, 2010


Friday 29th October dawned as a beautiful sunny Bangalore morning as I stood watching the arrival of the yellow school buses that would disgorge their cargo of excited students and teachers onto the forecourt of our vibrant and colourful campus. Today was our early Halloween and historically a day celebrated for its less than positive connotations, we would bring positivity to our experience of it. Early in the week while our campus was taking on all of the colour and excitement of the traditional decorations of Halloween, at our assembly the Headmaster Dr Paul F. Meekin set an alternate tone for the day when he spoke of the joy of giving and of the moment of sharing when “with no expectation of anything in return we give children who arrive at our door candy”. He exhorted the students to take n these words and take that to a wider world.
The bus doors open and a parade of ghosts, ghouls, witches, super heroes and beautiful princesses rush to share their costumes, thoughts for the day and the occasional candy with their friends. It’s a myriad of joy and colour interspersed with the happy chatter of the young.
I am privileged to be the photographer on our campus and as this day “hourly trip’s its joyous pace” I also travelled from decorated classroom to decorated classroom to capture the moments that make up Halloween Trio style.
We had sent out an open invitation to our community, to parents, past students and guests and requested their attendance at 2pm, and they arrive, in droves, coming from all over to join us in this experience of fun.  As our foyer filled with adults the students start to filter from their classrooms, rallied with their teachers to the starting orientation which will set the timing and structure.
Much work has been put in to having activities that engage and are fun, and as an observer what I saw was a tribute to our organizing teachers.  They had created a variety of “stations” around the school, from the darkened and cavernous cafeteria with its laser lights to the games on our green sports field there was constant movement.
You could go from putting your hand into what was called a “feeling” station, closed boxes with unknown squishy substances to cupcake icing, then outside into the light where you could be “mummified” in paper then race through an obstacle course.  In a twist on the egg and spoon race of my youth I watched our students get the opportunity to race with spoons and “eyeballs” tucked under their chins. Broom stick races also made those brought up on Harry Potter feel more comfortable I am sure.
As the day started to wind down I am sure that many like me felt the pang of sadness that this event was over.  As I watched the children leave with their parent, little hands holding onto the “goody” bags that they had created filled with the candies collected I was very proud of the school, of the teachers who had made this happen, of the students and parents who had thrown themselves wholeheartedly into dressing up, into being in character for the day.
In the end, as the school cleared of people, as the noise and chatter subsided I was left with an overwhelming feeling that this had been a great day and a day that confirmed for me that I am blessed by being part of this caring educational community. 

Thank you Trio World School for giving us all a memorable day.

Bud Chapman
Parent & Corporate relation Coordinator

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