Friday, March 25, 2011

Trio World School Environmental Fair

Trio World School (TWS) is organising an Environmental Fair on April 14th 2011.

The event is sponsored by Yakult, world’s No 1 pro biotic drink, selling in 32 countries globally. We have chosen to hold this event at TWS in order to communicate that our school and wider community would benefit from a raising of the level of environmental awareness in this rapidly changing world.

Some of the planned activities will include:
  • Making nature crafts using objects that would have otherwise been thrown away;

    Supporting local growers and producers of food and products in order to let people of the community know what eco-friendly products are available at the local level;
  • Encouraging children to recycle their old toys and games through a Yard Sale.
  • In addition to this we plan to provide a platform to a wide range of NGOs and organisations that share the same passion and want to educate the public on environmental issues. 
  • We feel that the support of these groups will assist us significantly in our commitment to educate. 
There is no cost to the participants who will be provided with space and furniture to set up their booth. 
Please join us to make this a special event and spark off a new way of thinking and living.

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