Thursday, October 20, 2011

Headmaster for a Day – Charlie Moran runs Trio World School

To the sound of excited students, this morning’s assembly was introduced to Charlie Moran, winner of Trio World School’s Headmaster for the Day Competition.  He had just arrived in style, delivered by the Headmaster’s driver; Charlie dressed for business announced that the day would have some changes.

Firstly the afternoon programme would include a free period after lunch and pizza for afternoon snack break.  After having all of the students sing the school song he ended the Assembly by wishing all a great day.

He then retired to his office, appointed a deputy and started to be “Headmasterly”, a large part of his day was spent dealing with conduct issues all caused by a single student, young Headmaster, who until recently had been the Headmaster.

Young Headmaster looked suitably sheepish when being told off by Headmaster Charlie and I am sure that the lessons delivered will prove to be salutary for Headmaster as he matures.
As the day wore on Headmaster Charlie signed papers, read reports and met with members of staff, he agreed at the end of the day that the job of Headmaster was a lot more challenging than he had expected.