Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Letter from Planet Earth

Dear Zorg,
How are you? How’s Planet Zar? The world has changed a lot since I wrote to you three years ago.
Earlier this year, Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake followed by a Tsunami. There has been a global financial crisis and people are still struggling. There were also riots in London recently. On a happy note, Prince William got married to Kate Middleton.
In sport, Spain won their first football world cup and Barcelona became the best football team in the world after winning the Champion’s League. Chennai Super Kings won their second IPL in a row. They are a tough team to beat.
I’ve got a new Xbox 360 Kinect games console which is a lot better than any of the consoles I mentioned in my last letter. You don’t even need any controllers to play the games. You’ve probably had something like this on Zar for a while but for me it’s really cool.
I moved to Bangalore a year ago and will be here another couple of years. I love it and have recently started a new school (Trio World School) which reminds me of London.
Write soon.
Your Earthling Friend,
Viraj Vimal Prakash
Year 7

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trio World School Receives Best Up-Coming International School Award in Bangalore

Trio World School (TWS) is the recipient of the Education Excellence Award as the Best Up-Coming International School in Bangalore. TWS Headmaster said, “this is recognition for all the hard work from our staff, students, our incredibly supportive parents and local community who have sustained and encouraged TWS over the last twelve month”. “We are very proud of our school and look forward to another exciting year”.

TWS is a british international school with students from over 28 countries, and a growing reputation for excellence. Trio has recently announced the building of a state of the art gymnasium and climbing wall, which is a fulfillment of their intention to move the school always forward.